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Working methods

Through a personalized and centralized attention on our dedicated team, your company may coordinate in a single point of contact for all needs and execute their online actions with your Direct Sales Advisory.

Through continuous work improvement methodology on each of the areas of specialization. Based on an initial analysis, defining the objectives and measuring each action taken; We generate reports to analyze the results and take action for integrated improvement.

We work on transparency, continuous improvement processes, communication and a unique approach to market performance thats differentiates us from any service provider, so we become partners of our clientes in search of the best results for each company.

Our Philosophy


We are your partners, seeking the best results we developed an integrated program to optimize performance of direct sales. We understand that handle different providers and be updated on the latest technology trends can be too much, it is why today we offer a unique service that seeks to improve revenue for your business.

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The Key Features of our Job


We develope the best responsive websites, visually striking and optimised for sale. Made with the latest technology, 100% responsive, adaptable to desktop, tablet and mobile. Self-administered and integrated with our booking engine.

Hotel E-commerce

The best Booking Engine Connected to the main Channel Manager, PMS and GDS. Full Payment Gateway with virtual terminal. Management of online marketing campaigns specializing in performance and strategic planning.


Based on the information obtained from each area, integration and crossing data, our reports provide the necessary basis for analysis and decision making to be made in conjunction with the property and your personal Account Advisor.


The assigned team will be monitored daily depending on the needs of each customer, and will be in constant contact with those responsible for each area decision making.


Some of our featured products that our customers choose:

  • Development of self-administered website 100% integrated into your booking engine<br />
							• Visually stunning<br />
							• Optimised for sale<br />
							• Made with the latest technology<br />
							• 100% responsive, adaptable to desktop, tablet and mobile<br />
							• Self-administered and integrated to booking engine

    Website Design

  • Engage your potential buyers <br />
								• Specializing in performance management and strategic planning<br />
								• Focused on generating conversions and increased revenue<br />
								• Our team generates strategy, plans, invests, monitors, optimizes and generates the necessary reports based on the objectives agreed with the customer<br />
								• Total transparency in investments

    Online Marketing

  • Personalized monitoring by an account executive<br />
								• English and Spanish support every day of the week, including weekends and holidays<br />
								• Assigning an Account Executive to accompany the development of your company<br />

    Client Advisor

  • Online Booking Engine integrated to your website: all in one control panel  <br />
								• Intuitive and easily configurable <br />
								• Availability, rates and promotions by country and language <br />
								• Promotions by amount, price, nights off, percentage and AxB <br />
								• Connected to the main Channels, PMS and GDS (Room Cloud / Parity Rate partners) <br />
								• Specific Promocodes and self-generated (mailing campaign)

    Booking Engine

  • Safe and reliable payment gateway for your business<br />
								• Online payment in EUR and USD 100% integrated booking engine<br />
								• Virtual Terminal for collection via Call Center and via Front Desk.<br />
								• Settlement weekly payment via bank transfer to your business<br />
								• Available also integration with Paypal, MercadoLibre, TodoPago and virtual currencies (Bitcoin)

    Payment Gateway

  • Loyalty of frequent clienys and offer availability, rate differentials and promotions for agencies and corporate clients<br />
								• B2B: assign availability, rates and promotions to travel agencies and companies<br />
								• Availability and Rates integrated with Channel Manager<br />
								• Visibility of standard rates<br />
								• Best Price Guaranteed<br />
								• Optional Upgrade: Points Platform

    Direct Sales Program

  • Optimize performance of your channels, human resources and work times <br />
								• Distribution system 100% integrated with Div-It hotel reservations booking engine <br />
								• Connected with more than 300 online sale channels<br />
								• Revenue Manager module and Rate Shopper<br />
								• Integration with PMS and GDS<br />
								• Configuration, training and supports included

    Channel Manager

  • Get detailed performance information from your business in each of its areas <br />
								• Fully customizable questions<br />
								• Scoring system responses that defines in which cases encourage or discourage posting comments on online portals (Tripadvisor, Booking, Expedia, Taking Off).<br />
								• Direct communication between the client and your sector managers


  • Pointed to actual conversion <br />
								• Focused on the conversion<br />
								• Creating compelling content for your clients<br />
								• Main channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter<br />
								• Scheduling of content

    Social Media

Nuestros Principales Clientes

  • Wyndham Hoteles
  • FCA Automobiles
  • Dazzler Hoteles
  • Unique Hotels
  • Fiat
  • Chrysler
  • Fen Hoteles
  • Jeep
  • Dodge
  • Esplendor Hoteles
  • Ker Hoteles
  • Ram
  • Frankie 400
  • Oversoft
  • Latitud Hoteles
  • Tentickle Carpas Beduinas
  • Oversoft
  • Park Silver Obelisco
  • Pinares Panorama
  • Casa Campus
  • Magna Hoteles
  • Hotelier Services
  • HTL Hoteles
  • Costa Carilo
  • Celtis Cariló
  • Concord Calla
  • Posada del Bosque
  • Smart Montevideo
  • Costa Cocos
  • Hoteles Austral
  • Arabtour
  • Biotoscana
  • Ka Consultora
  • Hotel Niken
  • Pinares del Cerro
  • Bionut
  • Puratos
  • Neuraxis
  • Studio Pueyrredon
  • Villa Mercedes Buzios
  • Hotel Reina
  • Perro Chaval
  • Hotel AyB
  • Hotel El Cabildo
  • Riva Urban Lofts
  • TAS
  • Hotel Salles
  • Reconquista Plaza
  • Estudio Castelucci - Fernandez Pescuma
  • Escuela del Sur de Gobernanza de Internet
  • IQ Callao
  • Tritone Hotel
  • Hotel Hispano
  • San Remo Hoteles
  • Gran Hotel Casablanca
  • The Grand Punta del Este
  • Latitud Buzios Hotel
  • Hotel Atlántico Punta del Este
  • Emprenurban
  • Grub
  • Hotel Fonte Arcada
  • Reconquista Garden
  • Hotel Fontainebleau
  • Temporary Apartments
  • Tiber Hotel Mar del Plata
  • Lestada Hotel Buzios
  • Ilha Branca Inn Buzios


Our premium services all together!

Our Tools
  • Responsive Website
  • Payment Gateway
  • Direct Sales Program
  • Surveys
  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager
Our Services
  • Online Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Photography
  • Virtual Tours
  • Absolute Reality
  • Social Media


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